Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Prop 8 Supporter Attacked

How sad to read about a man who was brutally assaulted for simply passing out yard signs for the YES on Prop 8 Campaign. Click here for the full story. That should be all over the news! Not only was he assaulted, but his yard signs were stolen. On Sunday our bishop said that his yard sign was stolen too, and he recommended bringing them in at night. That is ridiculous. Let's take this to the polls and act like civilized human beings. This is why we live in America, people! See this blog for more information on how the original article reporting the attack (in the Los Angeles Examiner) was taken off their website!


Anonymous said...

The more I’m involved in this campaign, the more I see the face of the other side, the more I realize, these are not your average happy go lucky people with merely a different opinion. There are elements of the Gay movement that are out for blood. It’s these activist groups that persuade us to hand over more and more of our rights. I’m realizing that even if we win this thing in California….this issue isn’t beaten. It’s only the beginning. We’ve got to fight for a constitutional amendment at the federal level. Winning California will give us the momentum we need to launch a national campaign. We need to do it.

Anonymous said...

The evidence is in and it's mounting! Everyone can see it for themselves at,, and and on great blogs like yours! Prop. 8 is a vote for American Freedom for all of us (you, me, and same-sexuals). I'm proud to stand with ALL Americans to vote YES! On Prop. 8.

Martha said...

Please vote YES for Proposition 8, and protect marriage. No one should be forced to believe anything. I am in shock that people are getting attacked over this. Aren't we trying to uphold human rights? Vote YES and protect traditional marriage and values our country was founded on.

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