Thursday, October 23, 2008

I've found some very interesting reading online from one church that's heavily involved in supporting Prop. 8. To quote from an article on their website:

The Church’s opposition to same-sex marriage neither constitutes nor condones any kind of hostility towards homosexual men and women. Protecting marriage between a man and a woman does not affect Church members’ Christian obligations of love, kindness and humanity toward all people.

As Church members decide their own appropriate level of involvement in protecting marriage between a man and a woman, they should approach this issue with respect for others, understanding, honesty, and civility.

The entire text of this article can be found here. All of us in support of Prop 8 should reflect upon this counsel and determine if we're living up to those guidelines. It is sad to hear about signs being stolen, violence, or even nasty comments on a blog like this blogger reports. Obviously we don't have control over the actions of those who oppose Prop. 8...all we can do is try our best to stay positive and voice our opinions as strongly, loudly, and respectfully as we can.

In Abby Earth's Weblog She talks about how most of her gay friends want their own title, and not the term "marriage" to label their own union. That's an interesting concept, and I wonder what percentage of the gay population would agree. I wish that Abby's gay friends would let their voices be heard a little louder, because that's the first I've heard of it.

Let's keep fighting the fight, it's worth it! Our children are worth it!!!

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Anonymous said...

France DENIED same-sex marriage!
Your blog is great and I feel like asking no on 8's:
Hey! Got Research? Bashing, accusations, emotions are running high in this election about Prop. 8 but I'm not seeing people talk about the hard-core research. There is no hate in facts. They just are. And they are in support of yes on Prop. 8...

The country of France did their homework. They read the research and decided to put children's needs first because kids thrive more in a heterosexual marriage. Don't believe me? Read the research yourself:


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