Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lesbian Wedding

I was shocked to read this article about a 1st grade field trip to a lesbian wedding in the San Francisco Chronicle. At least the parents of these young children had the choice to opt out of the field trip itself. However, obviously there will be talk after the wedding when the teacher returns from her honeymoon. She'll thank the students who came to support her on her wedding day as anyone would. What will the students who didn't go on the field trip think? Of course they'll still hear about it even though they didn't actually attend the field trip. This indoctrination of small children is already happening to our kids! Propostion 8 supports the benefits of marriage that are in the best interest of kids now and in the future. Pass along the word to vote YES on Prop. 8!


CaliforniaCrusader said...

Yeah, it's pretty outrageous to send first graders to a wedding, any wedding, as a field trip. What's worse is the comments the same-sex marriage supporters left on the San Francisco Chronicle website. They actually commend the school for sending the kids! It makes me want to do more than ever to protect marriage.

Anonymous said...

I read a sign recently in a news article that read, “How does my same sex marriage harm yours?” What is the harm to our children, to our rights, to our freedoms? What is the harm to our nation, our families, if same sex marriage as a currently defined “civil right” continues to move forward? The gay marriage lobby contends that it won’t hurt, won’t harm, won’t change anything for the majority of society, but the evidence is mounting, demonstrating that not only will things change, but they will change in a major way. In the Washington March for Gay Pride in 1993, they chanted, “We’re here. We’re queer. And we’re coming after your children.” Is that just some fringe quote? Or is it indicative of a widely held innate desire to be accepted by society at all costs?

The world has turned upside down. Thanks for getting the message out. Moms need to know what's going on in the school system, and what's coming.

Anonymous said...

Students! Teachers! Parents!
Join the School Sick-Out!
Tuesday Oct. 21st

Students, teachers and parents are going to take action regarding Proposition 8 on the same day… Tuesday, October 21st. This story about the California Teachers Association (”CTA”) donating $1 Million to preserve same-sex marriage made many people ill.


A. said...

Did anyone you know participate in CTA Tuesday? I did! If you write a letter or have an activity, they're collecting responses here: http://beetlebabee.wordpress.com/2008/10/21/cta-tuesday-response

Watch this!